Our products first appeared on the show-windows and counters in 1997. Since then, we have been trying our best to strengthen people's love for our soft drinks.

Year after year, we have developed, expanded production and assortment, updated the form and the content of our drinks. After the classic Gold series appeared Defito series - functional drinks with traditional Caucasian flavors of wild rose, dried apricots, dogwood, feijoa, and pomegranate.

Their naturalness and usefulness was confirmed by clinical studies of the Pyatigorsk State Institute of Balneology of the Federal State Budgetary Institution FMBA in 2013.

Today we produce more than 120 types of drinks designed for people with different tastes and interests.

Our special pride is the natural drinking water "Gornaya", which is born high in the glaciers of the Caucasus. Mountain rivers bring it to the city naturally, where we clean it in the most modern and safe way, using ultrafiltration and preserving all the benefits and taste.

Our company's own research and development center is in a constant process of developing new flavors, monitoring and improving the quality of our products.


For more than 25 years, we have been delighting everyone by releasing very tasty soft drinks. They have become part of the consumer culture of a whole generation of Russians. Children emotions from the sweet soda "Deneb" wake up even in adults!


In the beverage industry, we use only natural ingredients and premium quality components. All drinks are created on the basis of natural drinking water "Gornaya," which goes through several stages of purification. Natural berries and fruits are the basis of functional drinks "Deneb." The plant’s laboratory continuously monitors the manufactured products for compliance with all standards.


The plant has more than 400 specialists, whose competencies and skills are systematically improved within the framework of corporate advanced training programs. Our founder Gadzhimurad Magomedov laid down the principle when specialists, recognized in their industries, are invited to work in the company. Over time, we switched to a system of growing our own personnel.


The first children who grew up on Deneb drinks have already become parents themselves and remain faithful to our drinks, so they instill a love for them in their children. We keep the quality and taste of our drinks unchanged no matter what.


The company regularly participates in charitable events of the largest charitable foundations, as well as conducts its programs to support those who need help. Deneb supports education, sports, culture and creativity.


We work on modern equipment and facilities owned by the world's leading brands such as Sidel, KHS, AF, Bardi. This allows us to produce up to 30 thousand bottles per hour and provide timely deliveries of all our partners.


Connection with Dagestan for those who are far away and a calling card for those who decide to get to know it for the first time.