Russian company, a major producer of soft drinks. Main
Company production
capacities are located in the capital of Dagestan — the city of Makhachkala.
The company was founded in 1997 by Gadzhimurad Magomedalievich. In 2020 the Ministry of Economy of Dagestan included OJSC «Deneb» in the list of backbone enterprises of the republic, on  the basis of which the general economic level of the republic is estimated.


  • Deneb soft drinks plant was established as a state unitary enterprise in 1997. At that time, it was the first and only manufacturer of soft drinks in plastic containers in the Republic of Dagestan.

  • The first bottling line of the French company Sidel was installed on the territory of the former convoy.
    However, due to poor infrastructure, it was decided to relocate the production to the village of Semender in Makhachkala, where it is still located today. The territory of the first plant is now used as a logistics center.

  • The products of the Deneb company in the late 90s literally blew up the consumer market of the region, where by that time only lemonades in Soviet-style glass bottles and expensive soft drinks of world brands were presented.

  • The special pride of the company is the natural drinking water "Gornaya," which is the leader in the market of clean still water. It has become a household name for all bottled water in the republic. "Gornaya" originates in the glaciers of the Great Caucasus Range. A separate branch of the Miatlinskaya water conduit was laid to the plant, bypassing the city treatment facilities.

    Water passes 6 stages of purification and ozonation directly at the plant. Water purification is carried out by a modern and safest method of ultrafiltration.

The classic "Deneb Pear" and "Deneb Cola" were followed by premium quality drinks in glass containers with traditional Dagestan flavors of dried apricots, dogwood, rose hips, pomegranate, feijoa, created according to a unique recipe developed by the company. The idea of launching the production of functional drinks belongs to Professor Tumalaev Nariman. In 2013 the beneficial properties of these drinks were confirmed by clinical studies at the Pyatigorsk Research Institute of Balneology of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.

С каждым новым сезоном «Денеб» выводил на рынок новые напитки, и практически каждый из них становился хитом.

Продажа чистой бутили—рованной воды в середине 90-х была в новинку для дагестанцев, однако культура её потребления прочно вошла в жизнь республики во многом благодаря «Денебу».

В 2003 году компания меняет организационно-правовую форму и преобразовывается в открытое акционерное общество «Денеб».


The production facilities of Deneb are constantly updated. Today there are six lines from
such industry giants such as Sidel, KHS, AF, Bardi at the plant. They allow the plant to produce 30,000 bottles per hour.

The plant's own research and development center is in the process of constant developing new flavors and improving the quality of products. Among other things, the quality of carbonated drinks produced is ensured by the company's own production of food carbon dioxide. The company employs more than 400 specialists whose competencies and skills are systematically improved as part of corporate employee development programs.
The average salary in 2021 is more than 31 thousand rubles.

All Deneb products are certified
according to international quality standards ISO 22000.
Own logistics chain and distribution channels allow us to provide uninterrupted supplies of products to all counterparties. The plant's own fleet of large and small trucks is more than 100 vehicles.

By the beginning of 2021, Deneb's regional distribution network includes 26 companies. The most remote of them is located in Ussuriysk.
Deneb provides support for its products with promotional materials for placement at points of sale. In 2022, Deneb celebrates its 25th anniversary, which will be preceded by a large-scale PR campaign.

A number of items, such as Deneb Gold (pear, cola, orange), Mendi iced teas, are leaders in their market segments.

In 2021, Deneb introduced an updated line of Gornaya bottles, which was preceded by a large-scale promotional campaign involving Russian athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

In 2021, the product range includes more than 120 items that are focused on different customer audiences and purchasing power.


  • Deneb company regularly supports sports, cultural, scientific and social projects in the Republic of Dagestan and beyond.

  • "Deneb" was a sponsor of the Makhachkala football club "Anji", supported various KVN teams, held its own talent competition "New Star" (2003), supports Dagestan citizens, who manifest themselves in creativity and science. The company financed the translation and dubbing of classic Soyuzmultfilm films into Dagestan local languages.

  • Deneb regularly provides support to both events organized by state bodies and private initiatives. The company encouraged pupils as part of the "Best Diary" program, and also established nominal scholarships for students of Dagestan universities and for people from the republic who study outside.

  • In 2020, during the pandemic, the company provided assistance to medical institutions of the republic, providing them with protective equipment. In addition, targeted food assistance was provided to socially unprotected segments of the population. The company has also established a tradition when each employee of Deneb is provided with the company's products free of charge on the occasion of a solemn event in his family (wedding, anniversary, etc.).



Deneb products are regularly exhibited at the main food exhibitions in Russia and are recognized by industry experts. The company decided to voluntarily certify its products 6 years before the introduction of mandatory certification for all food industry enterprises.

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