The cats are #Vporyadke

The cats are #Vporyadke

Filled this city with grateful "MEOW"!

The fourth series of our eco-action "Vporyadke" was held in the center of Makhachkala on July 16th.

This time we decided to help the citizens to develop the habit of feeding homeless animals. We purchased more than a thousand portions of cat food and distributed it to everyone in the city center who wished. Thus, the participants of the activity could feed the cats on their way home or in their yards.

Animal rights activists who joined the action and our volunteers fed animals nearby Gamzatov Avenue. We were very pleased to see how people who learned about #Vporyadke activity came to the food distribution location with their bags of food for cats. As well as those who brought children to participate in eco-activity.

We met wonderful people who love animals and try, as far as possible, to care about them, feed and treat them.