"Gornaya" team fought in the regball tournament

"Gornaya" team fought in the regball tournament

Gornaya team took part in the fourth rugby ball tournament of the Evening League series. These are team competitions of the strongest sports schools and invited teams of Dagestan

Rugby ball is a type of basketball played at wrestling schools on game days. The court is wrestling mats, the goal is to throw a ball into the opponent's ring. You can use wrestling techniques in attempt to take the ball from the opponent.

Our team, which mainly consisted of masters of sports in freestyle wrestling, met with the national team of Kyrgyzstan in the first qualifying match. The guests were more accurate and co-ordinated, and our team was hospitable and generous. 4-2 in favor of Kyrgyzstan.

The second game for "Gornaya" turned out to be very tense. The opposing Gubden team was a very experienced team that participated in all the Evening League tournaments. The main time of the match ended with the score 3:3, and the game went into overtime. Extra time also did not reveal a winner, and the rule of the "golden" goal, which was successfully implemented by Gubden's team, began to work.

Kaspiysk team from Kuramagomedov school became the winner of the competition for the second time in a row. They beat the experienced team of Dynamo wrestling school in the final.